Welcome To My Site

Here you will find seperate pages for each of my on going projects, as well as insights into my life and future projects. I will update this as often as I can, with personal and professional updates and links.

I hope you find this site not only as informative about myself, but also to maybe help get you interested in some of my other projects.

Thank you for your time, Enjoy!

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Final Prototypes Ready.... ish

 I need your help. I am trying to get the funding together to finish the final working prototypes for my two most promising invention/inovations. I tried other self funding websites but was removed due to someone flagging my account, "Jade's Smoke Box" apparently goes against their community standards. So, now I am going to be doing all the fund raising myself through my own website. Click the image to take you to the full write up of what I am looking to build, why I am making them, and how much I am hoping to get.

Thank you,