My Stories

I have tons of ideas for stories, and yet I never seem to finish them. So I though I would post portions from each of the major stories I am working on to see what you think. If you would like to read more of any specific story contact me and I can share it with you. I will finish them all one of these days.

Reminder, none of these are the final edit. Also, any if not all of these may have language or subject matter that is not suitable for children. Just a fair warning.

Depending on what device you are viewing these on, it may require you to log into google drive to read the stories. I host the stories on here via google drive, that is the only reason why. It will not save your information for me to access, PROMISE.

First story is titled "Unlikely Bedfellows".

Had a strange dream one night and decided to elaborate more on it in writing. An angel comes to earth to team up with a vampire and other such creatures to stop the return of Lucifer to earth.

Excerpt from Unlikely Bedfellows

Second story is "You Are The Hero".

Had the idea to write a superhero origin story, based on a hero I came up with in highschool. Decided to try to write the story in second person perspective, which makes you the reader the main charactor. Also had an idea to do the same thing with a super villian origin story.

Excerpt from "You Are The Hero"

Excerpt from "Rose, Grew, Overcame"

This came from the idea to start writing a story, and NEVER go back and reread what I had already written, and to NOT plan what I am writing. I just would sit down every day and write a new chapter, completely stream of concious.

Excerpt from Rose, Grew, Overcame

Short Story "The Second Left Knee"

I had some fun for a while just writing weird and random scifi short stories. I am currently working on a way to put them all together as one cohesive story.

The Second Left Knee