Mental Health


This started from an attempt to post things that would help bring a light into my own life.

The hashtag is for anyone to use to post about things that are either a light in their life, or a way to handle the darkness in their life.

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#BertsLight Guided Meditation Audio

#BertsLight Guided Meditation Audio

#BertsLight Guided Meditation.m4a

Weird All Odds

This is me, the real me, in all my glory and disgrace. This is me, Weird all odds.
A Vlog where I journal my thoughts, experiences, and memories, as I work to #BuildABetterByron.

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Neurospicy 'R' Us

We are a group of people who have suffered with anxiety and depression and the like for as long as we can remember.  The more research we do, the more we realize that anxiety and depression are symptoms of other neurodivergent diagnosis. So we are going to be focusing more on neurodivergence instead.This page is for those who are neurodivergent to feel at home and safe and unbroken.

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