Welcome to my funding page for ByronMakesThings prototype funding page.

I am looking to get help with funding for my two main inventions/innovations that I think show the most potentional.

The All-Grill

The All-Grill was an idea I came up with at my daughters second birthday party, 12 years ago.

The idea is to have a grill that can do propane/natural gas, charcoal, and/or wood, all on the same cooktop. No more grills that have seperate cooktops to be able to do multiple things on a single grill. No more super expensive grills to be able to multitask on the same grill top.

It's not just about using each one, it's about being able to use multiple at the same time. Want to use your gas to get your charcoal started faster, go for it. Want to use wet wood for smokeing, then just turn the gas on low as well to keep the wood hot and smoking. 

The entire grill build is easy to operate, easy to clean, which makes it cheap to build and maintain, which passes on the savings to the customer.

Jade's Smoke Box

Jade's Smoke Box was an idea I came up with for those who smoke but don't want to hotbox the areas they are in. This works for all forms of smoking, cannibus, hookah, cigars, cigarettes, and so on. 

The idea is to create a powered smoke filter that is portable, easily rechargeable, self contained, and comes with storage. Using a tool box, some usb fans, smoke filters, and a backup battery, I have created a smoke filter box that also contains spots for storage.

I need the funding to be able to get the last parts I need 3D printed, so the smoke it trapped inside to be pushed through the filter.

I am looking to raise about $1,100 all together to be able to get all the parts I need, including the 3D printer (budget one), and get both of my prototypes made.




Donation total so far:
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